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Solutions Architect

Job description

About Hivemind

Hivemind is a software start-up based in the UK. We spun out from the data-driven global investment management company Winton Group in June 2018. Since then we have grown to be a team of 17, secured funding from Fidelity International and Barclays, been selected to be part of the Investment Association’s inaugural fintech accelerator, won the FIA Innovator of the Year 2019 award, and secured a range of clients from hedge funds and asset managers to data vendors and technology startups.

What we do

Hivemind offers specialist software to help our clients produce exceptional data sets. Our software is a low-code, human-in-the-loop solution that enables clients to generate clean, structured, analytics-ready data from unstructured, messy or incomplete sources. We believe that data science works best in partnership with human decision making; Hivemind was created, on this belief, to address the biggest challenge in data science which is getting great data.

Hivemind embeds human decision-making into data preparation workflows to provide a practical, flexible solution to data problems. Problems are broken down into a systematic assembly line of tasks that can be distributed to the most appropriate person, team, or computational method to resolve. Their responses are aggregated through comprehensive data quality processes into a final structured dataset.

With Hivemind, clients can build a competitive advantage by creating datasets exclusive to their organisation, save time and money by accelerating data preparation to bring products or research to market faster, and optimise their resources by reducing the amount of manual data wrangling in their expert teams.

Purpose of the role

Solutions Architects are critical to enabling our clients to use Hivemind successfully and our engineers to build a great product. They play a crucial role within the business, sitting between our Sales and Engineering teams, and are heavily involved with both the sales process and product development.

On a day-to-day basis, Solution Architects work side-by-side with the Sales team to help our customers achieve their goals with Hivemind. They do this as part of the sales cycle, as part of ongoing customer success, and sometimes through the delivery of data projects on behalf of the customers. Internally, they act as the voice of the customer to our product engineers and help design and prioritise solutions to be integrated into the product.

Roles and responsibilities:

Client engagement

  • Project managing proof-of-concept projects with the prospective client’s vision of success in mind
  • Building long-term trusted relationships with clients so that they can be led towards success using Hivemind
  • Assisting the sales team in qualifying whether Hivemind is a suitable solution to a prospective client’s data challenges
  • Understanding and empathising with the customer’s pain points in building and preparing exceptional data sets


  • Representing the Hivemind product from a technical standpoint to prospective and existing customers - including demonstrations, managing and executing proof-of-concept projects, helping customers evaluate success criteria, and training users
  • Providing the customer’s viewpoint and feedback to the Hivemind engineering team to help inform and prioritise future product development
  • In some cases, designing and prototyping data science methods or solutions to be integrated into the Hivemind product


  • Enabling clients to solve complex problems using Hivemind – this includes consultancy on problem framing, solution design, workflow construction and management, data quality frameworks, integration into existing tech stack, and output consumption
  • In some cases executing data projects using Hivemind on behalf of customers
  • Providing data knowledge and expertise as a trusted advisor to the client

Job requirements

Experience and characteristics:

An ideal candidate should have a good understanding of the fundamental principles of working with data in a business setting, and should enjoy and have experience communicating the value of data solutions to business and technical stakeholders. We are looking for candidates who can demonstrate expertise in and an understanding of the importance of data preparation and wrangling, not those more focused on the development of machine learning models.

The main experience and personal characteristics we are looking for are:

  • Demonstrated experience of solving real-world data problems in a business environment
  • Demonstrated experience with the consultative sales process in the software or data analytics market
  • Hands on experience in data preparation, dataset construction, and data wrangling with real-world data
  • Scripting skills in Python or R
  • Strong customer interaction skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • Excellent organisational, communication, writing and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to think creatively and develop non-traditional solutions to complex data problems

It would also be advantageous to have any of the following:

  • Experience of working in an early-stage startup environment
  • Experience of using human-in-the-loop data services or some knowledge of the market
  • Familiarity with the basics of cloud infrastructure
  • Experience of dealing with complex customer organisations
  • Expertise in working with ESG data within finance or knowledge of specific data challenges within another industry (e.g. pharmaceuticals / life sciences, retail, insurance, real estate)